German elections aftermath To Do List

To do list:

– get fitter and finally start boxing because winter is coming and you´ll probably will need to punch a nazi or two this year.

– send love and support to the marginalised people. have an open ear for their fears and anxities because all they have been hearing this year was that the hate of nazis is called ´fear´ while they have been told that they are overexaggerating when talking about racism.

– start crowd funding campaigns for poc lead grassroots organisations.

– support poc lead organisations to get funding. Yes, poc lead organisations. Because the fight against racism and racialised sexism and poverty is existential to them.

– if you are a lawyer or a laywer in the making: specialise in human rights, civil rights and anti racism.

– if you can write: start doing this shit exzessively because we will need every kind of counter narrative to the shit to come in the next 4 years. Academic papers, political opinions etc.

– use all your networks to support anti racist causes. I mean the radical kind of anti racist causes. Not the lalalala let´s diversify the office kind of stuff. But the: let´s give this leading position to this person of color who has a strong and solid opinion on racism kind of stuff.


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