Veiled in Nakedness

*English below*

Die letzten zwei Tage hatte ich die Ehre unglaublich inspirierende und empowernde Gespräche mit Dr. Shauna Morgan Kirlew von der Howard University und Dr. Frank X Walker, einem Dichter und Englisch Professor an der University of Kentucky zu führen. Hierfür kann ich mich gar nicht genug bei meinen Mädels von der People of Color Hochschulgruppe bedanken, ohne die diese wundervollen Gespräche niemals zustande gekommen wären.

Von diesen zwei unglaublich starken und bemerkenswerten Persönlichkeiten so viel Support  und Bewunderung für unsere Hochschulgruppe zu bekommen ist für mich immer noch nicht in Worte zu fassen. Ich wurde innerhalb dieser zwei Tage wieder daran erinnert, dass die Kunst, Poesie und Musik von marginalisierten Menschen immer schon ein Widerstand, eine Befreiung und Politik war.  Während der Lesung von Frank überkamen mich dann die folgenden Zeilen.


I had the honour to have amazingly inspiring and empowering discussions with Dr. Shauna Morgan Kirlew from the Howard University and Frank X Walker, a Poet and associate professor of English at the University of Kentucky. I am deeply indebted to my girls from our People of Color Students Group for making this possible.

Spending our time with those unbelievably strong persons and getting so much support and admiration for our PoC Students group from them is something I cannot put in words. In these last two days they reminded me of the important fact that art, poetry and music of the oppressed always has been part of resistance, liberation and politics. While Frank X Walker was reading some of his poems today I felt the urge to write a little something down myself.


Veiled in Nakedness

You wish I was wearing my headscarf differently don’t you?

You wish.

You wish it was covering my eyes so I coulnd’t see your hypocrisy.

You wish it was covering my mouth so that I couldn’t speak up against your injustice

You wish.


But everything else you wish was nakedly presented to you

An unexplainable desire to be in charge

To be in control of my body.


You try to unveil my hidden agenda

The mind and body of your exotic other.


You wish me to be your other

But only that much different from you

So you could handle me.


Only that much foreign to you

I would neither disturb your carefully constructed image

Nor cut off my strings.


Know your place you telling me

Know your place

While taking all my space

Smothering me with your ignorance.


Here I stand in front of you.


As God created me and yet

I see your hands reaching out to my skin

To pull it up over my skeleton


Between flesh and bones there is still space for a Terrorist to hide

Between flesh and bones

Between flesh and bones I can hear my chromosomes resisting

Resisting in the name of all future Children to come out of this womb


I gave up proving my innocence to you long ago.

I prefer to go down with something actually left of me

Than while serving your perversion.


It is my own desire I am struggling with.

Torn apart between my wish to become invisible

So my body would no longer be available

For you to project your lies on it

And my fight to finally become visible.




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