No, I will not play the game by your rules, ending up by being nothing more than a well carved chess piece on your field of black and white.

No. No you cannot expect the oppressed to speak up while you detract every possibility to prove you wrong. You cannot expect the marginalized to be impressed by your false concept of diversity, freedom of speech and democracy with which you do nothing but praise yourself.

No. No you cannot take and take and take and make yourself look noble while giving us something which shouldn’t have been yours in the first place.

No. I will not fall for your hidden structures of violence. Hidden because you say that I can speak If I want to and no one will forbid it. Structures of violence because the normalized discourse is gonna condemn everything comin’ out of this mouth. I know it. You know it. So, no. I will not act like I am okay with this game.

Instead I will crash your rules, and act outside of your frames. And you better find a way to handle it.


-Muslim International-


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